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The One Boutique Brief History & Vision

One Boutique is a leading online British Ethical Fashion Retailer, focusing primarily on Women’s clothing. One Boutique is designed and manufactured solely within the UK.

Our first womenswear collection launched in 2014 and this began our journey – we started with the t-shirt style mesh dress and a small range of one-off cordinate pieces (crop tops and shorts or skirts). Mesh clothing, including sheer mesh dresses and crops, has formed a central part of every collection we’ve completed to date. The jumper dress, within our jumpers and cardigans section, is also a key element of many of our collections

Simplicity underpins our design process and overall aesthetic; we look to create minimal silhouettes, and we have a deep understanding of fabrics and fabric properties. Our collection of Women’s clothing includes dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, sweaters and lingerie, ready for you to shop today and wear forever.

Our pieces aren’t impacted by weekly trends; instead we design with timelessness in mind. As part of our business ethics, we want your piece to be worn until the end of its’ life, not discarded after a single season. We hope that your One Boutique pieces will stay in your wardrobe, mixed and matched with various shoes and accessories, supporting your evolving style for as long as possible.

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