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Lazy Sunday – The Ultimate Weekend Microwave Nutella Mug Cake

Sometimes at One Boutique, we just want a cake. And we want it 5 minutes from the time we started thinking about it! We lied, it’s not just ‘sometimes’, it’s kind of on an hourly basis…

Within the time you spend going to the shops to get a chocolate cake full of additives, why not go a bit less guilty (only slightly) and knock together one of these little cupcakes using just your microwave and a few simple ingredients. They’re made from pretty standard bits & bobs that most of us will have in our cupboards, but if not we’ve noted some substitutions that you might be able to get away with using instead.

One Boutique Microwave Mug Cake by One Boutique

All Purpose Flour – 4 tbsp
Sugar – 4 tbsp
Nutella – 2 tbsp (alternatively throw in 2tbsp of chocolate chips and mix)
Vegetable Oil (butter or olive oil will also do!) – 3 tbsp
Milk (normal or soya will work!)- 4 tbsp
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder – 1 tbsp (or use 2tbsp of drinking chocolate & remove 1 tbsp of sugar)
Egg – 1
Icing Sugar – for dusting (optional)
Vanilla extract – 2 drops (optional – alternatively spice it up with a little sprinkle of cinnamon)
Baking Powder – 1/4 tsp



1. Select a large, microwaveable mug to minimise the chance of overspilling



1. Add the egg to the mug and whisk well. Add the milk, vanilla extract (optional) & vegetable oil and mix well, followed by the Nutella or chocolate chips.

2. Add the flour, baking powder, optional cinnamon, sugar & cocoa powder to the mug & mix gently until the ingredients are JUST combined (overworking the mix will result in a flat cake!)

3. Microwave on high for 1.5 – 2 minutes until the edges become fudgy. The cake will continue to cook for a few minutes after it is removed from the microwave so don’t worry if it looks a little under-cooked, or if it’s over-spilling a little – it will shrink as it cools.

4. Leave to cool for 1 minute. Sprinkle with the icing sugar if required and serve

And that’s it – the One Boutique almost-instant microwave cake!


Photo credit: Relish The Bite

Original recipe by One Boutique

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What is ‘ethical’ clothing?

Posted on January 27 2016

‘Ethical’ can mean a lot of things, but to us, it’s the way that we;

1. Design our clothing
2. Source the raw materials for our clothing
3. Produce our clothing
4. Deliver our clothing
5. Aftercare

We believe in the importance of ethical fashion in ensuring that absolutely everyone involved in the production of the clothing we make is paid fairly, treated fairly, and that we impact the environment as little as possible. Customer satisfaction is key, and we’re always working on ways to improve your online shopping experience, and we review the fit of our pieces weekly in an ongoing aim to provide the perfect fit first time.

1. Design

One Boutique is a British clothing Boutique, and our clothes are designed by our close knit team in London and Colchester. We know the hard work that goes into the concept and design elements that turn into original garments, so we respect other clothing designers rights to their own work. You won’t find any recycled ideas, and we work to stay ahead of copycats. We don’t follow wider fashion trends, instead we create our own aesthetic. This ensures that your pieces are unique and original. We often create ‘Limited Edition’ designs in our Studio (which typically have less than 10 pieces).

2. Sourcing

We use only UK based materials suppliers, and monitor their supply chains. The living wage is extremely important to us, and we wouldn’t work with international suppliers who couldn’t guarantee fair pay to everyone on their work force. For us, the best way to do this is to only work with British companies

3. Production

All our pieces are made in Colchester, Essex, by our dedicated studio team (see ‘about us’ section for full details). Every member of our team is paid above the living wage (visit for more information), and we actively maintain a stress free, rewarding & close knit working environment. We produce high quality clothing that lasts for years. This not only means that you get a lot of wear out of our pieces, but also means that we minimise our contribution to the huge volumes of clothes that end up in landfill across Great Britain.

4. Delivery

The work that we do to constantly improve the fit of our clothing helps us to keep our returns rate extremely low. This minimises the number of deliveries & returns across the UK and worldwide, and in turn keeps our carbon footprint as low as possible. We use Royal Mail for all deliveries within England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales (with a variety of international partners), who are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint year on year.

5. Aftercare

We look after our customers not just within the returns period, but for as long as they have their pieces. You can get in touch with us for any reason, to ask absolutely anything from follow up questions about long term care to a quick ‘hello’ and a heads up about new things arriving soon.

We’d love to hear from you about what you think of our approach to fashion ethics! We hope that one day, nobody will need to use the term ‘ethical’, and instead it will become a British standard, not only in online UK boutiques, but also in every high street store.

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3 of the best newly released movies on Netflix – January 2016

You’re all wrapped up in a huge oversized jumper & one of your hundreds of pairs of unwanted Christmas socks, ready for a cosy night in in front of the TV. You’ve got your snacks (ice cream please!) within arms reach, and made sure that nobody is going to unexpectedly drop by.

Here’s our pick of 3 of our favourite Netflix films to camp out under the duvet with in January.

1. Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

big trouble in little china - top 5 netflix films - one boutique

Big Trouble in Little China has definitely become a cult-classic despite being something of a commercial failure. This American Action/Comedy film by John Carpenter stars Kurt Russel, Kim Cattral, Dennis Dun and James Hong. Kurt Russel (Jack Burton), helps his friend Wang Chi (Dennis Dun) rescue Wang’s Fiancee from very 80’s street gang in San Francisco’s Chinatown. A light hearted film, with dodgy effects and a mystical evil sorcerer.


2. Jeepers Creepers (2001)

jeepers creeper review from Netflix - One Boutique

We’re still not quite brave enough to watch this one alone. Darry and Patricia Jenner (played by Gina Philips and Justin Long), play a brother and sister who are driving home from Spring Break. They become targets of a terrifying supernatural creature (played by Jonathan Breck). A long story short, we left all the lights on all night after this one.


3. Uncle Buck (2001)

uncle buck review - one boutique

One of our all time guilty pleasure, Uncle Buck is an American comedy starring the late John Candy. A lovable but clueless bachelor, ‘Uncle Buck’, is called in to babysit his two nieces and nephew and mayhem ensues.

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New in the Studio: Art by Diogo Rodrigues (@xyz_xyz)

Our Monday morning got a little sweeter with the arrival of this beautiful hand inked painting – will take pride of place on our wall, conveniently near our stacks of chocolate & notebooks (admiring art is a good enough excuse to eat snacks nearby isn’t it?!). You can check out Diogo’s tattooing, sculpture, drawing & more of his work at and

Diogo Rodrigues

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The sheer ‘see through dress’ evolution – 90’s

We love everything mesh at One Boutique – it’s perfect for layering in the winter, beach cover-up in the Summer, and for all occasions inbetween.

The trend isn’t exactly new either – it’s been around for decades with some of our favourite supermodels and celebrities wearing sheer pieces in some iconic photographs. As much as Rihanna might have pushed it up to a whole new level, she’s not the first – and we’ve documented some of the juiciest outfits for your inspiration.

1. Rose McGowan – 1998 MTV Movie Awards

Rose McGowan MTV Movie Awards 1998 Sheer Mesh Dress - One Boutique Blog

Beyond ‘see through’ – this sparkly piece doesn’t seem to actually have a back. We love the nod to the cowl neckline , and the very 90’s leopard print thong to ‘co-ordinate’ with Manson’ suit.

2. Jane Birkin – 1969

Jane Birkin 1969 Transparent See Through Mesh Dress - One Boutique Blog

One of the earliest examples of the transparent mesh dress, Jane Birkin wears a mini dress with on trend bell sleeves and a tiny pair of black boy shorts. The woman behind the luxurious and famous ‘Birkin Bag’ – designed off the back of a conversation between Birkin and the head of Hermes, Jean Louis-Dumas

3. Kate Moss wearing Liza Bruce – 1993 Elite Look of the Year Party

Kate Moss in Liza Bruce 1993 Sheer See Through Dress - One Boutique Blog

This look on Kate Moss is definitely one of our favourites. A strappy midi dress in completely see through, textured fabric. Naomi Campbell pictured on her left is also wearing a completely see through piece.  We love the minimalism of the piece, and the spaghetti straps.

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The One Boutique Brief History & Vision

One Boutique is a leading online British Ethical Fashion Retailer, focusing primarily on Women’s clothing. One Boutique is designed and manufactured solely within the UK.

Our first womenswear collection launched in 2014 and this began our journey – we started with the t-shirt style mesh dress and a small range of one-off cordinate pieces (crop tops and shorts or skirts). Mesh clothing, including sheer mesh dresses and crops, has formed a central part of every collection we’ve completed to date. The jumper dress, within our jumpers and cardigans section, is also a key element of many of our collections

Simplicity underpins our design process and overall aesthetic; we look to create minimal silhouettes, and we have a deep understanding of fabrics and fabric properties. Our collection of Women’s clothing includes dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, sweaters and lingerie, ready for you to shop today and wear forever.

Our pieces aren’t impacted by weekly trends; instead we design with timelessness in mind. As part of our business ethics, we want your piece to be worn until the end of its’ life, not discarded after a single season. We hope that your One Boutique pieces will stay in your wardrobe, mixed and matched with various shoes and accessories, supporting your evolving style for as long as possible.